Monday, January 11, 2010

What most people call a "God moment," I think I just had one. But nothing to do with God.

I'll preface this by saying this all came about because of a video I saw online. I won't lie, I felt overwhelmed and did get a little choked up. I'll post the video at the end of my writing here.

It's amazing how completely random the universe is. Think of how big the universe is. Now think of how big a galaxy is within the universe. It's a tiny speck. Now think of a solar system within a galaxy. Another speck. A planet in the solar system. Speck. And now picture yourself, standing on this planet amidst all of the rest of the universe. Compared to the rest of the universe, we're all just tiny little specks on our speck of a planet moving through our speck galaxy as part of this gigantic universe. Do any of us realize how lucky we are to be here? Out of every possible reaction that could happen in this universe, the two cells that initially combined to form you is completely improbable. Now think of your situation, your conception, and think of it in terms of every living thing on this planet. The trillions of cells each which is composed of trillions of molecules all happened because of two cells combining. But it gets even crazier. Now think of the completely random chance of whatever two cells combined to make the first living thing. Or whatever molecules started combining themselves to form our planet. Or our galaxy. Or our universe. All these little random atomic reactions happening all around us to become everything we know. I find that completely incredible. We all are essentially the byproduct of billions upon billions of years of random cosmic explosions. It makes one feel very insignificant, but also very fortunate that out of all the infinite possibilities of random natural occurrences, you're here. You exist. So at least you have that to feel great about.

Now before people start throwing God at me, I'll tell you now, I don't believe in God. Or Gods. Or Goddesses. I believe in facts. So as I stated in my title, this is by no means a God moment. Consider it more of a small scientific enlightenment. Here is the link to the video. It's a little silly because it's a song, but it definitely opens your eyes to everything out there in our gigantic universe.

Friday, September 18, 2009

So yeah...

What is the deal these days with people's complete indecisiveness? Sometimes getting a straight answer out of someone about the simplest thing is like asking them a deep philosophical question. Make decisions, people. There are so many opportunities passing you by while you sit around wondering what to do next. John Lennon says it best... Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

Friday, September 4, 2009


So a few days ago, Tara, Nate, Krysten and I went to a Paw Sox game. Tara's friend had won tickets so we all got to go for free. Now, if you've never been to a game at McCoy Stadium, the way a lot of the parking works is most of the parking lots are across the street from the stadium unless you get there very early. We park on the street to avoid the $2 parking fee and continue to walk towards the stadium. Also walking to the stadium is this family 5 people, a mom, a dad, and 3 young kids. These people were maybe 10 or so feet in front of us on the sidewalk. As we approach the street to cross in order to get to the ball park, we see that there is a police officer on the other side of the road who I assume was put there to help people cross safely. Well apparently, he didn't think so. The family in front of us were at the curb, ready to cross and the cop simply waved them over rather than coming out into the street to direct them in case any cars came. Well as it happened, a car came. A fast car. This lady in a black car comes screaming towards the crosswalk, totally not paying attention. The mother and father of the 3 kids were basically already across the street while the kids were still in the crosswalk, so that tells me right there that the parents of these children were losers to begin with. But once the lady in the car slams on her brakes and the kids make it safely across the street, that's when the fun begins... The cop, deciding that now he should probably do something so he doesn't get sued by the family goes out into the road to talk to the driver of the car. "Why were you going so fast?" "Didn't you see them crossing?" All the while, pretending that he's going to do something, but knowing he can't because he is equally at fault here. The lady in the car starts saying, "I'm sorry, I dropped a CD and my daughter in the back seat was screaming and..." blah blah blah. The mother of the 3 kids also decided to get into it. "Watch where you're f**king going, you almost killed my f**king kids, write her a f**king ticket, f**k you," etc, etc. Very classy woman to be using such fine language in front of her children as well as complete strangers walking behind her (us). About a minute later, the cop lets the woman in the car go because there is nothing he can do. The woman pulls up next to the family and starts to apologize for what she had done. "From one mother to another, I am so sorry. I deeply apologize for that. It was stupid of me." The classy mom responds with some more F bombs and tells the woman to go f**k herself a few times. After a few more futile apologies, the woman in the car decides it's not doing her any good so she decides to get down to classy mom's level with one of the greatest things I have ever heard. "Well f**k you, and your kids then!" She speeds off and leaves classy mom speechless. One of the funniest things I have ever experienced in my life. I just thought I'd share it with everyone.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First entry.

Ok so I figured I'm dorky enough as it is, I might as well start a blog to round out the whole experience. This way if people actually give a crap they can come read what's going on with me here. So here are some of my latest observations...

-My friends and family are pretty bad ass. I've been going out and doing fun things with them constantly. Yeah it's a tiny bit pricey and yeah I've been scrambling to get homework done, but it's never been like this for me. Like the lyrics go, "I was always the new kid, never the cool kid." Well now I kind of feel like that cool kid.

-I was always kind of leery about meeting new people. I've always been so shy, introverted, and insecure. But lately I've been putting forth the effort and it's paying off. I've met some really great people and it honestly makes me feel good about myself.

-Living with my brother is the shizz. It's awesome living with someone who is as laid back and doesn't whine about every stupid thing under the sun. It'll be a very, very long time before I decide to live with anyone else.

-Yes, I am still unemployed. And yes, I am still collecting. It's tough out there, what can I say?

-School is going well. I got a B+ in my last class so I'm pretty souped about that. My GPA is a 3.2 right now which goes to show that anyone can really go back to school after a long lapse. Everyone who knows me knows that being a student and doing schoolwork was never my strong point... at all. I still want to get this over with though.

Overall, life couldn't really be much better for me. I can honestly say that besides a ton of money, of course, I honestly don't want anything right now. I have everything I need and then some. Great friends, great family, a lot of fun new people to hang out with, and a steady income from sitting on my butt.

I'll try and throw out these life updates every so often, but future blogs will be about less important things, I'm sure. Politics, games, things that irritate me, etc. But I'll do my best to keep everyone posted on updates and whatnot.

Thanks for reading.