Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First entry.

Ok so I figured I'm dorky enough as it is, I might as well start a blog to round out the whole experience. This way if people actually give a crap they can come read what's going on with me here. So here are some of my latest observations...

-My friends and family are pretty bad ass. I've been going out and doing fun things with them constantly. Yeah it's a tiny bit pricey and yeah I've been scrambling to get homework done, but it's never been like this for me. Like the lyrics go, "I was always the new kid, never the cool kid." Well now I kind of feel like that cool kid.

-I was always kind of leery about meeting new people. I've always been so shy, introverted, and insecure. But lately I've been putting forth the effort and it's paying off. I've met some really great people and it honestly makes me feel good about myself.

-Living with my brother is the shizz. It's awesome living with someone who is as laid back and doesn't whine about every stupid thing under the sun. It'll be a very, very long time before I decide to live with anyone else.

-Yes, I am still unemployed. And yes, I am still collecting. It's tough out there, what can I say?

-School is going well. I got a B+ in my last class so I'm pretty souped about that. My GPA is a 3.2 right now which goes to show that anyone can really go back to school after a long lapse. Everyone who knows me knows that being a student and doing schoolwork was never my strong point... at all. I still want to get this over with though.

Overall, life couldn't really be much better for me. I can honestly say that besides a ton of money, of course, I honestly don't want anything right now. I have everything I need and then some. Great friends, great family, a lot of fun new people to hang out with, and a steady income from sitting on my butt.

I'll try and throw out these life updates every so often, but future blogs will be about less important things, I'm sure. Politics, games, things that irritate me, etc. But I'll do my best to keep everyone posted on updates and whatnot.

Thanks for reading.

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